Monday, 10 November 2014

CryBabyCry EP launch

First of all, a disclaimer - I love this band. I've seen them a shed load of times over the last couple of years. They have had an incredible twelve months, shoehorning their own gigs around hectic diaries and a summer including really well received sets at Reading and Leeds and a smattering of London gigs but tonight we finally get to hold a CryBabyCry record. And while it would be overly dramatic to say that it has all been leading up to tonight (this would also do them a disservice as they are clearly going to have bigger and better nights than this EP launch), the sense of anticipation around the gig was palpable. 

So yeah, my words are going to be biased. Everything the three of them touch is awesome, every other project, band or solo is tinged with brilliance. But my aim is to make you feel that they are special and you need to check them out.

Unusually for me, I got to the gig in plenty of time and really enjoyed the set by The Ainsley Band. Four guitars and drums, making a tremendous sound, inspired (in my mind at least) by The Pixies, The Clash and, erm, Tenacious D, probably but with vocals channelling Springsteen. I wish I'd seen them with The Subways a couple of weeks ago but I'm pleased I have now and I'll definitely be looking out for them again.

A little before 10 and we were finally ready to go. The band assembled on stage, Nici all angles and attitude, Rose wearing one of the band's influences on her chest in a Black Keys T-shirt and Jonny in standard gig uniform, vest, skinny jeans and Docs along with trademark hat. 

For a change, lead EP track Go Go wasn't the opener, the band opting for Wasteland tonight instead. Open chords and bluesy vocals before crunching into a powerful riff.  

We didn't have to wait long for Go Go and quickly on to Shine before the band finally drew breath, checking that Wakefield was "All Right?" It was. Every song was received with thunderous applause, the crowd much louder than it looked like it should be. 

There was a couple of new songs launched tonight but next was The Ballad of Donnie and Susie, still a relatively new one but destined to be a favourite I think. Starting out with vocals in unison over a drum beat, no guitars at the beginning giving an urgency and a drive, telling the tale of their 9 -5.

Next it was time for the first guitar swap, Jonny taking the bass for The Tramp, sparing us for once the tale that this is a song about a man in a sharp suit with an expensive haircut getting his dinner out of the bin. Then on to a song I know as Gimme Some More, they probably have a different name for it but in it Rose oozes sexiness, urging to "Gimme some more" and asking "What you gonna do baby?" all the time moving behind the guitar in a way that she seems to save for this song.

Once the guitars were back in their right places and a blast through Everybody Knows Your Name (again, probably not the correct title, it sounds a lot like Idiot Bastard by Knuckle but pretty sure it isn't that ;-) ), we came on to the much promised brace of new tracks. Cross My Heart (And Hope To Die),is on the EP and Love Has Got Me Wrong. Both fit in to the set beautifully and I can't wait to know them and love them like the rest of their songs.

The greatest treat of the night though came right at the end. After the familiar ending of O' Daddio and a song that may or may not be called Where are you from/Where are you going, the band realised they weren't going to get off stage without a fight, the noise from the crowd was huge. Hastily they got back into position and delivered a song they covered for a mental health charity CD, David Guetta's Titanium. I loved this track when they put it out a year ago but have never seen them do it live and I was blown away. The guys will modestly say it wasn't a great version but Rosie's vocal is immense, Jonny's guitar is filth and Nici binds it all together superbly.

And then it was over, until the next time. And you should be there too.

Oh, and Rosie never asked for more vocals in the monitor. That is unheard of! ;-)