Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New Music and Podcasts

After a conversation I had with my friends on the way home from The Great Escape, I thought I would make my first real blog about some of the podcasts I use to hear new music. For the last 5 years or so, I have continued to have my NME delivered but not even opened the plastic it is wrapped in, I tend to rely on blogs and podcasts to fuel my appetite.

I have an android phone and the app I use to get new podcasts is Google Listen . It is a basic but effective app that I set to search for podcasts hourly and download when I have a WiFi connection. What I really like about this app is that it links in with my Google profile meaning when I am surfing and find something I fancy, I can easily link it to my account using Google Reader and Listen will pick it up and send it straight to my phone

There are several podcasts that I subscribe to. The first I used is the "Tom Robinson Introducing" one from 6music. I came across this searching the BBC podcasts library for their excellent material. This show is taken from music uploaded to the BBC Introducing teams across the UK. Since the latest changes on the station, this show is now basically a mix tape with lots of detail and links on the show's blog page.  It is a shame you don't get to hear Tom on it as his enthusiasm for new artists was great to listen to.

My favourite podcast is the one by Matthew Young from Song, by Toad records. His sweary nature and rants are something to marvel at but he also really likes some great stuff. His show is about an hour long weekly, and is accompanied by a really informative blog. Edinburgh benefits from Song, by Toad gigs and I was disappointed not to have seen him as we both saw Hooded Fang in Blind Tiger, Brighton the other day. 

These two shows come out weekly and are about an hour long.

Coming in, again at about an hour but monthly is Jon Hillcock's New Noise show. John presents all over, recently standing in for someone on 6. His shows really do cater for all tastes, I won't hear something I like every episode but sometimes will hear a gem. I think some of his shows are lifted straight from radio output but don't quote me on that!

Another of my favourites is Our Beat Is Correct. This is nationwide but biased towards the North East. This one has introduced me to bands like Let's By Happiness, Mammal Club, Polarsets, Lanterns On The Lake etc. It kind of comes out on an as and when basis and again around an hour.

I recently had recommended to me the Cloud Sounds podcast. Not listened yet but sure to be decent by the list of bands mentioned!

So there's a few, there are loads more out there I'm sure, feel free to mention your favourite in the comments box!


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